Why should you get life & health insurance?

YES! Life and Health Insurance is worth it for Canadians.

We buy life insurance to take care of the people that we love most

While life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, it’s best to learn a bit about all your options to best suit your family’s long term needs.

The good news is that life insurance is very affordable when we are young – it just requires the time and effort to find out how much and what type is suited for you.

Hollywood North Wealth is happy to offer free, no-obligation consults in person, over phone and video chats, or email to help you best understand the options available for your health and life insurance, to make the best decision for your family.
In fact, we pride ourselves on our personable and easy to understand approach.
We work with Canadians from the West to East coasts, singles, couples, business owners, and employees, from varying backgrounds with varying needs and health statuses.
Our goal is to take worry and unnecessary uncertainties out of your future. We are here to provide you with peace of mind so that whatever happens, you know that you and your loved ones will be taken care of.

Health insurance offers a safety net

in case of injury or illness

What would you do if you missed a few (or more than a few) payments from your work or business? 

Canadian health insurance generally consists of two parts:


• pays a lump sum benefit upon the diagnosis and survival period of serious cancer, heart. attack, stroke, bypass surgery, and a host of other serious illnesses.

• provides peace of mind and security to focus on your recovery

  • offers a monthly benefit paid while you can’t work (or work full-time) due to injury, sickness, or even mental illness

  • is priced based on your age, health, and occupation as variables in determining risk

*While it might be the most confusing at times, disability is the one that is utilized the most frequently at claim time.

Our job as Canadian financial advisors is to help you understand what your needs are and then determine the correct type of plan to fit in.  What a business owner needs is not going to be the same as their staff.

Contact us to see how we do things differently for Canadians